Leviathan Rollercoaster

Unleashing Leviathan!

Standing 93.3 meters high and reaching a top speed of 148 kilometers per hour, the new Leviathan, Canada Wonderland’s 16th roller-coaster is now Canada’s tallest and fastest. The Medieval Faire themed coaster, named after a Biblical sea monster, has giant camelback hills, G-Forces of 4.5 and 115 degree hammerhead turns that are sure to excite even the biggest thrill-seeker.

Construction started in early fall of 2011. UCC Group completed over 300 footings, using 2500 cubic meters of concrete and 200 tons of reinforcing steel to accommodate over 1600 meters of track. The columns and track were manufactured in the United States and brought in by numerous truckloads arriving daily. This meant all work needed to be extremely precise to ensure the track came together cohesively on site. Concrete work on the ride’s station and grout base plates rounded out UCC’s scope of work.

Working within an existing park is always a challenge. Maneuvering equipment, supplies and people, while being mindful of existing structures and activities was of the utmost importance. Careful planning, communication and coordination with Park staff was essential.

Successfully working with an extremely aggressive schedule and meeting the Park’s spring opening date was the ultimate achievement. UCC was able to provide the extensive manpower required in order to work effectively and efficiently during the winter months. Many temperature sensitive materials and construction techniques were used to accommodate the weather fluctuations.

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable general contractor and in particular the Wonderland staff, contributed significantly to the overall success of the project.

It gives UCC Group a great sense of pride to be a part of the extreme coaster thrills, sending riders to record breaking heights for years to come.


meters high

Toronto, Ontario, Canada