St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort

Sitting on 8.9 acres of pristine Miami oceanfront is the new St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort.

Noted by Forbes Magazine as the world’s most anticipated hotel opening of 2012, the exclusive resort is one of our proudest projects of the year.

The $1 billion development is made up of three 27-story towers and is home to 500 luxury units, a 12,000 square foot spa, a state of the art fitness center, 4 swimming pools, restaurants, retail and tranquil gardens.

UCC’s scope of work included the construction of all water features; including mechanical, equipment and finishes, mortar set granite and marble pavers, sand set pavers, marble wall cladding, stamped concrete, concrete beams, columns, foundations, sidewalks, driveways and aprons.

Set amongst the turquoise backdrop of the Atlantic are 17 opulent water features which add to the spectacular view that can be enjoyed from every balcony. Pumping a total water volume of 138,500 gallons, the soothing sounds of cascading fountains can be heard all throughout the resort as the water flows into the reflecting pools and through the many skillfully designed sculptures, adding to the peaceful ambiance of the resort. This didn’t come easy though. Due to the nature of the high rise post-tension concrete construction over the parking garage, the pipe installations were required to be routed in the interstitial space, which was very difficult to access. Overall, there was approximately 7 miles of PVC installed that was associated with the water feature mechanical systems.

The numerous fountains were designed and constructed with the finest attention to detail using the most superior materials. The unparalleled level of quality of the St. Regis name required the stone material, Silver Marble from China and Blue Eye Granite from Canada to be mined, fabricated and imported direct from their respective origins for this exclusive project. The stone finish area totaled 47,000 square feet with several of the water feature basins being finished with black marcite, totaling another 15,175 square feet. The installation of 89,000 square feet of stone paving using the same Silver Marble as the water features was used to provide a continuous flow throughout the resort and an additional 15,000 square feet of eight inch thick gun metal grey stamped concrete completed the
service driveway.

Additionally, our scope also included stone cladding on numerous planters, decorative concrete gate columns, concrete stairways, Silver Marble stair treads and risers and numerous miscellaneous structural concrete sub-slabs, columns and beams. The refurbishment of a large wooden beach structure that serves as a point of operation for all beach amenities, emergency egress stairwell (parge), hundreds of parking garage bollards and stainless steel accent trim at the water features were all later added. UCC Group was ready to tackle every opportunity.

Working on a resort that encompasses the most exquisite taste and finest attention to detail came with many challenges. Whether it was re-routing seven miles of PVC pipe to accommodate the high rise post tension concrete construction, abiding by a strict noise ordinance so as not to disrupt the area residents or working around a site with extremely limited access, UCC Group’s dedicated team allowed any challenge faced with to be overcome.

The relationships we have built with EGS2 Corporation, CHM Structural Engineers, LLC, Coastal Construction and Starwood Hotels & Resorts allowed us to communicate openly and act quickly to help resolve any items that needed to be addressed. Everyone worked in harmony to help expedite any decisions that needed to be made to continue towards final completion in a timely manner. It was a pleasure working with such a superior team.

The experience on the iconic St. Regis Resort has woven UCC Group many new relationships, strengthened existing ones and left behind a pride of craftsmanship on a magnificent South Florida property that is already making waves far beyond the 9703 Collins Avenue waterfront address its foundation sits.



Miami, Florida, USA