The blend of hardscape and landscape for your ideal dreamscape requires the knowledge and experience of UCC Group. We’ll take care of all the details and ensure that whether the work is self-performed or coordinated through us, your project is on time, on budget and on target with the quality results you expect.

Image, aesthetics, ergonomics, uniqueness and prestige for today’s new commercial and industrial complexes not only offer visual impact, they instill a sense of pride and add value to your total real estate investment. UCC will work with your team to make it happen.

It takes a special touch to make everything appear natural, or surreal. UCC Group has extensive experience in creating surroundings from lagoons and waterfalls to ancient paths, pebbled walkways and fossil encrusted dirt floors. Whether the project is new construction or reconstruction, large or small, basic or intricate, the UCC team delivers results that leave impressions that last.

Public Squares & Gardens, Public Parks, Civic Complexes, Roadwork/Streetscapes, Bridge Construction & Rehabilitation, Subway Stations & LRT’s, Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities, City Halls, Meeting Places